Forrest Keith Harstad (Forrest K Harstad Realty, Inc.) literally grew up in the new home business. Born in 1956 to Minneapolis home builders Keith and Diane Harstad, he first worked on new home construction sites while only a youngster in grade school.

His mother was the first woman president of the local builders' association and a mentor to Forrest.

In high school he worked summers as a carpenter and drafted his first house designs. His mother played an integral role in the development of his floor plan concepts. She taught him how efficiency and storage were essential to running a home - but that family areas to play and relax in were also very important.

Forrest became a licensed Realtor in 1975. He sold new homes while in college studying business administration and pursuing art and design interests. After college he trained under his uncle, an engineer in the custom home building business. This afforded Forrest a hands-on apprenticeship at each and
every aspect of new home construction. He worked under the watchful eye of a very practical builder whose engineering focus was on detail and cost-effective craftsmanship.

Soon Forrest was working intimately with his new home customers, designing and building one-of-a-kind custom homes. He has since designed and custom-built award-winning homes of all styles from 3-story Victorians to original contemporary ramblers.

In 1992 he focused on townhomes and in 1995 was the tenth-highest volume builder of new homes in the State of Minnesota.

Forrest formed his own company using all the experience he'd gained over the years and assembled a team of building experts including Jayne Sherratt, his head of construction and design.

Today, Forrest continues a tradition of excellence, specializing in town homes that blend fine quality construction and exceptional value to meet the diverse new home needs of today's changing Minnesota families. He builds whole neighborhoods of value-priced townhomes of custom quality. Having learned over the years which aspects and amenities of custom homes were the best investments, and good for healthier, happier family life; Forrest designs them in from the start.



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