Our mission is to carefully craft the nicest neighborhoods of the best designed, highest quality, roomiest homes available in the value price range. We strive for maximum return on investment of not only your money, but also your time spent on your new maintenance-free-lifestyle home. In other words, Our mission is to build for you the most new home for your money.

By value-priced, we mean the lowest prices possible without compromising lasting resale value. We achieve this by concentrating on design.


We design the layout of your new community's lots and streets to maximize views, privacy and neighborhood harmony. We design your new floor plan for views, cost-efficiency and family harmony. We carefully detail-design down to door and window and electrical placement for the greatest flexibility of your furnishings. And we painstakingly micro-design and value-engineer untold details - including an amazingly low-overhead company - in order to build for you The Most New Home for Your Money.



We are here to answer your questions and provide you the latest details and
special offers on our affordable homes.



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